Mapna Locomotive Company is equipped with an advanced CMM machine, which is used for performing all precise measurements. This device is a horizontal double arm type that can be programmed for controlling the tolerances for dimensional and geometrical characteristic. 

Precision CMM is as follows:
  • Single ARM: 42+ (35l/1000) ≤140µm
  • The minimum error is 42 microns and maximum 140 microns in single-arm mode. 
  • Double ARM: 80 + (45l/1000) ≤184 µm
  • The minimum error is 80 microns and a maximum of 184 microns in the mode of measuring two arms together.
Advantages and capabilities of dual axis CMM
  •     Very high measurement speed 
  •     Covering inaccessible points from each arm by another arm 
  •     Increased measurement accuracy due to CNC capability 
  •     Linking two arms together 
  •     Having a wide range of measurements (X=7000mm, Y=2000mm, Z=3000mm)