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Elementor #2127


Electric locomotive design and manufacturing

Due to the country’s need for electric locomotives in freight transportation and the lack of domestic producers, as well as in line with innovative steps and the development of the country’s rail industry, MAPNA Locomotive Company has initiated the design and construction of the first electric locomotive in Iran.

This project, as the first fundamental step in utilizing electric energy in rail transportation, not only maximizes the use of existing design knowledge and capabilities in the MAPNA Locomotive Company, which is considered a turning point in the development of technical knowledge in the design of modern locomotives in the country, but also contributes to the upgrading of the country’s rail industry and will be recognized as a symbol of significant growth in sustainable rail transportation.

Features and Benefits

  • High continuous power and tractive effort
  • High efficiency and flexibility, increase in speed and reduction in travel time due to approximately 4 times higher continuous speed compared to diesel-electric locomotives
  • Reduction in operating costs, improvement in performance, and enhanced repairability due to not using a diesel engine and modular design of main equipment
  • Utilization of electric energy instead of fossil fuels, leading to fuel consumption reduction and pollution decrease
  • Implementation of modern technologies and innovation in locomotive design and indigenous production of these technologies
  • Designing technical specifications in compliance with railway standards and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran railway company

Main Objectives of the Project

  • Designing and manufacturing the first electric locomotive in Iran
  • Achievement of the MAPNA group in designing and manufacturing of electric locomotives
  • Indigenization of design and manufacturing knowledge of AC propulsion systems for electric locomotives with AC overhead power supply
  • Maximizing the capacity of the design and engineering team to deepen knowledge in this field
  • Increasing efficiency, productivity, and speed in freight transportation on railway lines
  • Development of innovative technologies in the locomotive industry


Electric Locomotive Specifications

Type of vehicle

Electric Freight locomotive

Axial arrangement


Transmission type


Weight of basic locomotive

138 metric ton

Basic axle load

23 metric ton

Number of driving cab


Position of driving desk

Right-hand side

Distance between end beams

22790 mm


2850 mm

Catenary nominal supply voltage

25 kV (rms), 50 Hz, single phase AC

Multiple unit (MU) operation

3 Units of the same type

Brake system

Air Brake / Regenerative Brake

Traction power at wheels

7000 kW

Maximum starting tractive effort

500 kN

Continuous tractive effort

370 kN

Maximum speed

120 km/h

Continuous speed

70 km/h

Dynamic brake effort

260 kN


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